Connecting History With Community In Downtown Woodinville

The community of Woodinville is divided into four distinct districts, each unique in their own right with their own feel, flavor and philosophy. A fifth district, The Schoolhouse District, will now deliver an experience to Woodinville that enhances the existing character and charm while also providing a vibrant new place to eat, play, meet, celebrate and recreate.

Woodinville's Schoolhouse District will offer an abundance of options for residential living, activities, dining and cultural attractions, sports and recreation, markets - all community building elements that are easily accessible by foot, bike, car or public transportation.

A Stroll Through
The Schoolhouse District

Downtown Woodinville’s Living Room

In its entirety, The Schoolhouse District will provide a personal experience. Grab your latte, get a workout in, meet friends for happy hour, and taste a new wine or share small moments with your family at home. People have a variety of needs that must be fulfilled and The Schoolhouse District will provide a variety of options.

The Schoolhouse
Wine Walk

Construction Information

Construction for The Schoolhouse District starts May 13, 2019. Please review the construction traffic & mitigation map for information related to parking and construction traffic during construction hours.

During construction the North Sports Field Parking lot will be closed daily 5am-4pm.

Below are the major milestones for the construction of the project:

  • Construction Start: May 13, 2019
  • Concrete Start: Late Summer 2019
  • Vertical Start: Early Spring 2020
  • Schoolhouse Start: Summer 2020
  • Completion: Summer 2021
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